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June 15
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I looked at the computer screen blankly. I couldn't think of anything to write/draw. After spending countless days being busy with schoolwork and my personal life, I felt like I wasn't satisfying my watchers on DeviantART. I usually would say it was a long hiatus, but I really felt like I should've contribute SOME work.

The fandom I wrote/drew for was Hetalia. It was my most favorite anime show, so I began to write/draw for it. It did have stereotypes and maybe some inappropriate jokes once in a while, but I still enjoyed it deeply.

I sighed heavily and turned my computer off. I decided to go outside and daydream some ideas. I checked my phone. It was 5:00pm, so outside should've been nice and cold.

"I'm going out for a few minutes. Don't go crazy and think I've been kidnapped," I said to my mom.

"Stay around the house if you're going out," she replied, keeping her eyes on the TV.

"Yeah, sure," I responded, grabbing my phone and earbuds.

I opened the door and closed it and went outside next to the gate. It wash cool temperature. The breeze was nice and not too windy. Some cars passed by, but it was only about 1-3 cars every time. I saw maybe 1-2 people walking by, chatting and laughing happily.

Maybe I should text my friends, I thought. I turned on my phone and texted one of my friends.

Hey, are you there?

No response. I supposed she/he was busy, too. I checked frequently to see if she/he would respond. But again, no response.

I decided to put on my favorite song and just daydream. I placed my earbuds on, and I opened up the app to where my music was. I pressed on one song which matched my mood and listened.

I could daydream a bunch of ideas, but I feel like my watchers wouldn't like them, and say they weren't creative like they used to. So, I'd simply discard the ideas and try another one. Sometimes my thoughts would go to my life and schoolwork, which would make me depressed or possibly stressed if I overanalyzed. Which I did. A lot.

I gazed at the trees and oncoming cars, until I saw one black van parked across the street.

I paused my music and looked at the men who got out of the car.

I know this is crazy to say, but they looked like the Axis from Hetalia. I'm not even joking when I say that, either.

A man with blonde, slicked-back hair with icy blue eyes and white skin came out of the driver's seat. Then, from the passenger's seat and on the right side of the car, came two brunettes with curls on the side of their heads. A short, Japanese man came out of the left side of the car with soulless looking eyes.

They all looked at me. I felt a shiver run down my spine and my face started to blush. It wasn't the kind of blush I'd get from embarrassment or compliments, it was the blush I used when I got scared or weirded out.

The blonde with slicked-backed hair proceeded to walk to the street I was in, his eyes focusing on either me or the fence behind me.

I got up and payed no attention to the man. I quickly walked towards my gate and was about to open it, until...

"Hey!" I heard the man yell. Now I know for certain that he meant me. No one else was on this street, anyways. And I now knew he was German, due to his accent.

I felt stiff and my face began to blush more. My palms began to sweat as the man kept walking towards me with a serious glare in his eyes.

"You're coming with us," he said, grabbing my arm tightly, so that I wouldn't get away.

I knew what was happening, so I started to scream, "Help! Kidnapper! Somebody, please he-!"

The blonde covered my mouth and walked me to the black van. I fiercely kicked, punched, bit, and tried my best to scream, but it was no use. All that could be heard was muffled noises emitting from me.

I was about to grab my phone, until the man grabbed it himself and shoved it in his pocket.

I thrashed around violently as he pushed me to the back of the van.

"Japan, make sure she/he doesn't get away," the blonde said, starting up the engine and driving off.

The Japanese man proceeded to gag me with a cloth.

Wait, his name is Japan?! No... No this couldn't be what I think it is... I thought.

I tried to scream even louder after I heard that.

"Germany... I don't think (Name) is alright right now..." one brunette said. He had an Italian accent and lighter hair than the other brunette.

I took off the gag and screamed, "What the Hell is happening?! Don't take me away! How do you even know my name?!"

"Ah, she/he really is freaking out," the other Italian brunette said.

"Get me out of here! Don't even think about doing something to me!" I yelled in fury.

"Romano, will you help me with this?" the Japanese said.

"Sure." The dark-haired brunette covered my mouth and held into my body while the Japanese man put a white cloth on my nostrils.

"Here. This will help you relax for now," he said.

I slowly began to lose conscience as my body became numb.

Don't pass out.. Don't pass out... I kept thinking.

But it was no use.
Yes, this is a new series.

EDIT 1: So, I edited this to make it seem like it has little to no resemblance of me. And it was too short, anyway.

Hetalia belongs to (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

You belong to (c) yourself

This story belongs to (c) :icongemiri:
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