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March 6
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You sighed and stared at the homework your teacher had given you. He was Mr. Beilschmidt and unfortunately he was the teacher for your worst subject in school.


Oh, how you hated math. It would've been easy if it wasn't combined with letters and some shit that looked like some ancient writing.

Mr. Beilschmidt nearly gave everyone in the class F's which made people hate him. But for you he gave you a C-. He said that he gave you it 'because he was being nice'. But for you, it meant so much more. Truth is, you actually liked him. Not because he gave you a grade that wasn't an F, but because he wasn't as rough with you as he was with the others.

You walked to math class a little bit worried and waited to come in. You sat right where his projector and desk were at. Except the desk was a bit far back. Either way, you were in his view.

"Class, today we'll be doing (Lesson Here)." He announced to the class turning on the projector and putting a sheet of paper on the table. "Now first you..."

Most of the time you listened and half of the time you didn't. Surprisingly, you could understand what he meant. Sometimes...

"Now work on this problem." You started to look at the problem he projected and wrote it on your notes, after solving it you waited quietly.

"(Name) did you do it?" He asked.

"Yes." You said quietly. You were a bit shy to talk to him.

"Can I get (Name) to say the answer?"

"Um, it's (Answer Here)."

"Correct. Give points to (Name)." That was one of the rare occasions he actually gave you points! You mentally grinned and continued working.

"Hey (Name), why weren't you here on Friday?" (Friend Name) asked.

"(Insert Excuse Here)."

"Oh, well you know we had a test right? You're gonna have to retake it."

"I know. It's gonna be kinda awkward though. Being alone with Mr. Beilschmidt."

"Yeah, it's always weird. Well sucks for you!"

The final bell rang and you left your last period. You headed straight to math class to take the test. He only had time to do it after school though.  You knocked on the door and quietly asked, "Can I come in?"


"I need to take the test I missed on Friday."

"Of course, come here." He handed you the test and you sat down in front of him.

Mr. Beilschmidt was working on something else that was probably math related. You were trying to focus on the test but he distracted you with his handsomeness. That damn handsomeness, always messing you up.

Luckily, you were nearly done with the test and only had two problems to go. After re-checking the whole test you handed it in to Mr. Beilschmidt.

"Good work," he said. "Do you mind staying for a little bit to clean up?"

"No, not at all." You replied. He handed you a broom and you swept the dirty floors.

What you didn't know was that Mr. Beilschmidt was staring at your figure. Even though he knew that teacher-student romantic relationships were against the law, he somehow liked you. "(Name)?"

"Yes, Mr. Beilschmidt?" You asked shyly. He loved it when you said his name like that. A lot.

"Would you mind..." He paused.

"Mind what?" You went closer to him.

Suddenly, he stood up and grabbed your shoulders roughly. You 'ehhh?' at this in a stupid fashion. He smashed his lips into yours and you 'mmph!'.

Thank god no one was at the hallway or inside the room.

He hoisted you up on his desk and rubbed your inner thigh sensually. Zayum.

You pushed him away and breathed heavily.

Mr. Beilschmidt looked a bit worried, "What's wrong? You didn't like it?"

"It's not's just..." You pressed your fingers to your lips. "You kissed me."

"Listen (Name), I know these kinda of relationships are illegal. So we have to keep it a secret. You can't tell anyone. Understand?"


"Good. Now go, I'll see you next class."

He guided you to the door and watched you walk away before closing it.

You mentally screamed in horror yet also in pleasure. Now you were in a immoral, dirty, unpure, and illegal relationship with your math teacher. Many thoughts raced your mind, but there was one that stood out.

'I wonder if he'd raise my grade now...'
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